We aim to foster a healthy public sphere for all. 


A nonprofit in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab, Cortico aims to strengthen an American public sphere weakened by political, cultural and socioeconomic isolation. Our team builds AI-based tools to help newsrooms surface often unheard voices + concerns and tell stories that engage + connect audiences on common ground.


The Challenge

Filter bubbles that divide. False news that misleads. Opinion polls that misapprehend. Information cocoons that isolate. Local voices and issues that are ignored. 

The 2016 presidential election highlighted these and other public sphere maladies as powerful causes and effects of the isolation that Cortico aims to understand and address.


Our Commitment

Cortico is working with national and local news organizations to: 

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Map and track public sphere conversation and cocoons across domains (politics, religion, race, public health, etc.) and media (social, news, talk radio, TV, survey panels, etc.).

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Surface voices, concerns and narratives typically unheard outside of their own communities.

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Bridge cocoons by amplifying common concerns, sharing stories that build empathy, and making new connections between people to build trust and common ground.



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