Welcome, Peter!


What drew you to join Cortico? 

P: When I first heard about Cortico's mission I was really inspired since it seemed like a very real problem worth working on today. To be able to have an impact on reducing divisiveness in the world is something I would love to achieve. After meeting some of the team during the interview process, I was convinced that these were people that actually had the capability to do so and I didn't want to miss an opportunity to work and learn from them. 

Which song will be your first add to the team's music playlist? 

P:  It's tough to choose a first song, but I'm going to go with Weird Fishes by Radiohead. This song is on one of my favorite albums, In Rainbows, and just continuously surprises with new layers of beauty as it goes on. Plus who doesn't like the terms "weird fishes"? Can't take things too seriously all the time.

What do you like most about being a Design Technologist? 

P: I love my job. I get to do a balance of design work and development of products which is really satisfying. Being able to split time between engineering, designing interfaces, and discussing potential future products and directions for Cortico makes each day new and interesting. It's all the more fun since the people I get to work with have such interesting and varied opinions on everything being made-- never a dull moment.