Welcome, Doug!

Per new tradition, Doug sits down with the team for our inaugural 3 question introductory interview. Welcome aboard, we're thrilled you're here! 

Doug (1).jpg

What drew you to join Cortico? 

D: Cortico is at the intersection of so many things that I care about -- large-scale data analysis, natural language processing, and journalism, to name a few -- and it focuses these powers on a vital social mission.  It also gives me the chance to learn from people across many disciplines, not just the software engineers and computer scientists I'm used to working with (not that there's anything wrong with us!).

Which song will be your first add to the team's music playlist? 

D: Hard to choose.  My most recently played songs are "Free Man in Paris" by Joni Mitchell and "Room Where it Happens" from the Hamilton cast album, both great songs, so I'll probably play those.

What do you like most about being a Software Engineer? 

D: I like building tools that expose new information to people, whether it's about words or news.  That moment when a complex data pipeline comes together and you start to see the first insight from it is really special.