Welcome, Bridgit!


What drew you to join Cortico? 

Before joining Cortico I was a pop music artist and I became familiar with social media platforms as a means to communicate with fans and other artists. I witnessed the power of social media technology to instantaneously capture the attention of a broad audience. That exposed me to the strength of digital platforms for spreading messages of national significance. I am fascinated in what a healthy public sphere would look like with the technology we have now and will have in the near future. 

Which song will be your first add to the team's music playlist? 

“Times They Are A-Changin’” -Bob Dylan 

What do you like most about being in the intersection of music, acting, and technology? 

Technology can take down barriers and gate keepers that once inhibited creative voices from being heard. I like open technological systems that empower people to understand the context of the world they live in and generate artistic commentary on their circumstances.

Technology should...

Be a tool for healing and human flourishing.