The Cortico Name

In naming Cortico, we aimed to balance the "artificial" in AI, our technological domain, with the heart of our mission: human connections built on common ground.

Cortico's philosophy follows from our collaboration partner, the MIT Media Lab's Laboratory for Social Machines (LSM), which aims to use AI and machine learning to bring humans into collaborative systems, as opposed to legislating us out of them. 

Cortico is the prefix of “cortex” -- the part of our brains where senses come together to help us understand the world. It’s human, empathetic, and connective.

By mapping social and mainstream media signals, Cortico surfaces where shared understandings form in the public sphere. We believe a healthy public sphere is one that has areas of common ground and understanding amidst competing signals.

In that spirit, we drew our logo to be transforming, with each letter wanting to connect and come together to create meaning as one body and one word.

We look forward to connecting meaningfully with you, too.