What We Do

Cortico is a non profit organization that helps journalists tell stories that are more reflective of people’s lives on the ground in communities across the US, whether they’re red counties or blue cities.


Why It's Important

When people see their concerns and hear their own voices in stories about their communities, they are less likely to retreat into isolated media bubbles — and more likely to engage in healthier discourse.


How We Do It

Cortico is building AI-fueled media analytics technology that surfaces under-heard concerns and voices in communities through "ear-to-the-ground" listening, including social media, talk radio, online news, television and prompted local conversations.


Our Solutions



Our search engine provides ear-to-the-ground listening to better understand our communities — and by extension the nation — through localized search of public conversation across many sources including Twitter and talk radio.



We are growing a local public communication network that surfaces under-heard voices and narratives, reconnects us to our communities, and creates a foundation to re-establish common ground across isolated groups. Our "conversation centers" can be found in public libraries and community centers, where anyone can participate in facilitated and recorded conversations.